Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Wooden Bench for Cushions and Clutter

The Outdoor Storage Cabinet is the perfect place to put all the things you will need to take care of your garden and maintain your lawn, as well as your outdoor games and barbeque equipment. Home storage solutions are one of the biggest issues faced today by many people when trying to maintain their home in an efficient and well organized way.

Your garage might already be full and your basement as well; all your storage units of various sorts, storage boxes and storage bins for example, overflowing. You might have a locker for guns or other dangerous objects, a closet organizer and your shelving units packed tight. If so you will be running out of storage space inside and you will need to think of something else. Outside perhaps, in your backyard, much easier and more affordable than paying for a storage solution elsewhere. But how do you store things outside, especially if you don’t have a shed? The ideal solution is an outdoor storage cabinet.

Fortunately outdoor storage comes in many different forms, sizes and shapes; outdoor storage shed, outdoor storage bins – you can even get an outdoor storage bench or a deck box. Many are made of plastic, but you can also find wood, wicker, or even aluminum outdoor storage cabinets. They need to be well made and not too heavy if possible as you might want to move them around. The Rubbermaid outdoor storage cabinet is an excellent option.

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Gardening tools, a lawnmower, hoses and sprinklers, flower pots, pools toys and outdoor toy storage for the children are among the usual things commonly consigned to outdoor storage. The quantity of these things that you have will decide the size of outdoor cabinet that you will need to get.

A large outdoor storage cabinet obviously makes sense if you have a lot of things to store, but you could also consider using more than one cabinet. Many outdoor storage cabinets today resemble attractive outdoor furniture. They can offer seating as well as storage and this dual purpose is ideal in a small space.

For a sheltered outdoor area, you might like to have an attractive wooden storage bench, or perhaps white or brown wicker, to complement the rest of your outdoor furniture. A smaller  outdoor cabinet like a deck box can also double as a table if it’s located near a seating area or barbeque. It can also be used for the dishes when serving meals outside. If you do a lot of entertaining outdoors it makes sense to have dual purpose outdoor seating – it can look good and be useful both at the same time.

If you have a fire pit or chiminea in your yard, consider a wood storage box to hide the fuel, as well as to ensure it stays dry. The areas outside our homes are becoming additional living and entertaining spaces more than ever before so why not use this as extra storage space as well? And it is much nicer to spend time in a space that is tidy and uncluttered.

There are numerous products available on the market today designed to suit a variety of budgets and decorating styles, and there is something for every taste and to suit every budget. The space just past your back door is a great place to relax and enjoy the outdoors; with an outdoor storage cabinet, it’s also a great storage solution.

Outdoor Storage Shed

Get an Outdoor Storage Shed to Organise Your Tools

For anyone who likes having a specific storage place for every item, the outdoor storage shed is a must-have piece of equipment. Indoors homeowners have multiple tools at their disposal to organize their belongings into some semblance of order. However, when it comes to outdoor spaces, things lie about haphazardly, causing cluttered garages and frayed nerves.

Whether stored inside the workshop, or sitting out in the backyard, an outdoor storage cabinet in the form of a shed will serve purposes other than just freeing up space for other items.

Safe storage of lawn and garden chemicals is a common use for an outdoor storage shed. Pool chemicals can also be stowed away safely in outdoor sheds, but they really require a separate outdoor storage cabinet away from all other chemicals, in order to prevent dangerous chemical reactions. Always read labels and take the necessary safety precautions when handling and storing pesticides and herbicides. To prevent family members, wildlife and the environent from coming into contact with volatile chemicals, most of these outdoor storage sheds feature either locks or the ability to put a padlock on.

Outside Storage Shed

Outside Storage Shed

When used in garages or gardens, outdoor storage sheds offer the perfect storage place for household items, including paints or tools that may be taking up valuable real estate in the basement or workshop. A number of configurations, including tall storage cabinets, counter height units, and wall mounted storage cabinets, simplify the process of customizing a solution to fit your storage needs. Finding the right power tool or chemical for the job is easier when everything is neatly organized.

Many outdoor storage sheds feature movable shelving systems, allowing versatility for a number of uses. Again, a locking outdoor storage cabinet is ideal for keeping curious children from messing around with potentially harmful tools and dangerous substances.

Much like other outdoor furniture, outdoor storage sheds are built from durable, weather resistant plastic or heavy-duty steel, with double walls, ensuring the contents protection against the elements, from rain and snow to extreme heat. Because outdoor storage sheds come in a wide range of sizes, materials, and locking styles, finding the right shed to fit your individual needs is easy, if you do your homework.

An Internet search will help narrow your choices, and then you can either order online, or visit the local hardware shop or home improvement store to avoid shipping costs. Plastic sheds start as low as $80, while metal sheds made specifically to store pesticides can cost upwards of $400. The price tag on a specialist outdoor storage cabinet is certainly justified by the peace of mind you will have, knowing your loved ones are protected from dangerous chemicals by the right sort of outdoor storage shed.

Outdoor Storage Deck Box

Deck Storage Boxes

An outdoor storage deck box is useful for keeping your home clutter free. These are free standing deck boxes which are used for outdoor storage only. Usually a deck box will be light in weight so that they can be moved from one place to another very easily. Any outdoor storage cabinet should have enough storage space for your needs and should be watertight so that it can keep your things dry. Outdoor storage units can be small and compact but you can get a large deck box if you need one.

Depending on your requirements you can decide on what sort of outdoor storage cabinet to get. Some important points should be kept in mind before buying, for example, how much space is available to you and what are the items which need to be stored.

A particularly useful sort of outdoor storage cabinet is a deck box of some sort and this can be made of wood, plastic or metal. It can be placed outside your home, adding beauty to your garden while helping to keep your outside space tidy. Rubbermaid is a well known name for outdoor storage of all sorts, storage benches, deck box and storage bins.

Outdoor Storage | Deck Box

Outdoor Storage | Deck Box

As well as its storage function, an outside storage cabinet such as a deck box will also work as a great seating arrangement for you. You can relax in your garden and enjoy the beauty of nature knowing your clutter is out of sight. This sort of outdoor storage is available in different colours, textures and measurements and is a perfect blend of storage and seating.

The deck box is a great form of outdoor storage, and the Suncast deck box is very popular. Like any other sort of outdoor storage it helps to tidy away your clutter while at the same time, like the storage bench, providing seating. A deck box is a great investment since they are durable and versatile and as well as a seat can also be used as a table. There are different types of deck boxes available on the market, made of different types of wood like cedar or teak and you can also get deck boxes made from wicker, resin and plastic. These boxes should be cleaned and organized on a regular basis as should any other type of outdoor storage cabinet you purchase.

Sometimes wicker is used for outdoor storage solutions. It is a type of material which is particularly suitable for garden furniture and patio storage due to its appearance and texture. Outdoor wicker furniture is traditionally made from reed, rattan and bamboo and has been in use for centuries. Nowadays resin is used as well. When made into an outdoor storage cabinet, wicker furniture is attractive and looks like regular patio furniture, and a deck box has many uses.